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Batch 2016 Graduates Visit the GMU School History Museum

Author: Posttime:2017-03-24 14:06:00 View Count:194

    On the afternoon of March 22, the Batch 2016 graduates of GMU visited the GMU School History Museum in Huangjin Campus to learn the history and future development of GMU.


    This year is the year of the 76th anniversary of GMU. After the visit, the students had a better understanding of the school motto “Build Morality and Decency, Pursue Truth and Innovation” and the contributions that the older generation of GMU had made. As a new generation of young students of GMU, it is important to inherit the tradition of "Hard Working and Seeking Scientific Truth" and make contribution to the construction of GMU.


    After the visit, the students left a message “GMU has a bright future, we all have confidence with the support of GMU”.