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The GMU Library Holds "The Readers" Broadcasts Sharing Meeting

Author: Posttime:2017-03-27 14:11:00 View Count:301

    On the evening of March 25, the power of reading--- CCTV "The Readers" Wonderful Broadcasts Sharing Meeting was held in the GMU library. More than 200 students attended it. All seats were occupied.


    The content of the sharing meeting was the 18th program of "The Readers" under the theme "the First Time". This program was replayed at the site. The teachers and students carefully listened to Yang Liwei, Liu Zhenyun and another four guests about their personal experiences and their reading of the inspirational articles.
    After the show, the students said that this program had given everyone a lot of education and inspiration, that they had realized that reading is of great power, and that they would read more books, not only the professional books, but also some other good books from then on, so as to increase knowledge and enrich their college life.