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GMU Delivers a “World TB Day”Lecture

Author: Posttime:2017-03-27 14:12:00 View Count:307

    March 24th was the 22nd “World Tuberculosis (TB) Day”. Department of Teaching Research of Military Physical Education invited Director Zeng Zhong from Ganzhou the Fifth People's Hospital to deliver a lecture under the theme of “the 3.24 World TB day".  


    Zeng Zhong delivered his lecture in "What is Tuberculosis", "What are the Symptoms of Tuberculosis", "the Harm of Tuberculosis", "the Tuberculosis Infection", "How to Prevent Tuberculosis" and other aspects. He emphasized that tuberculosis was seriously threatening people's physical and mental health, and he hoped the students to improve the awareness of TB, develop good health habits and enhance resistance to diseases.