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FAHGMU Experts Offer Charity Clinics in Xunwu TCMH

Author: Posttime:2017-04-13 13:40:00 View Count:277

    On the morning of April 11th, 7 chief physicians, 4 associate chief physicians, 5 attending doctors and directors from departments concerned of FAHGMU went to Xunwu Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital (TCMH) to offer charity clinics.

    Hearing the charity clinics, numerous people came to the hall of Xunwu TCMH. Looking at the eyes of the patients, the medical experts immediately devoted themselves to the patients’ problems settlement.

    After a day of hard-work, more than 700 patients’ person-time were accepted. The Xunwu TCMH hoped to build closer ties between FAHGMU and Xunwu TCMH by sending doctors to support the short-term work of the Xunwu TCMH.