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Inner Mongolia Medical College Delegation Visits GMU

Author: Posttime:2017-04-21 17:04:00 View Count:238

    On April 20, deputy director of Education Office Bate’er, together with another 4 leaders from Inner Mongolia Medical College, visited GMU for the countryside free targeted-area medical students cultivation.

    At the meeting, the deputy director of the School of Academic Affairs Huang Guangsheng gave a brief introduction on enrollment situation, the training mode of innovative talents and the training effect. Ye Ju, the deputy dean of the First Clinical Medicine Sciences (SFCMS), introduced the standardized training of residents and the general practitioners training. Both party carried out in-depth discussion on the targeted-area medical students cultivation. Bate'er said that they will learn from GMU's  targeted-area medical students cultivation mode, and deliver more basic health care personnel to Inner Mongolia.