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GMU Celebrates the 18th China Reporters Gala in Huangjin Campus

Author: Posttime:2017-11-07 14:42:00 View Count:23

    On the evening of November 3, hosted by the GMU Party Committee of CPC and undertaken by the School Newspaper Reporters, the 18th China Reporters Gala was held in Huangjin Campus. Nearly 400 teachers and students watched the party.


    The party started with the song "Life is Hot for You". Various performances like songs "At This Age", "The Great Dreamer", "Demons", and the dance "Gashina" and " Melbourne Shuffle(Dance)" as well as the humorous opusculum "Da Guan Yuan" won peaks of applause.

    The humorous opusculum “Never Forget" aroused people's thinking about love and the life of old people. The atmosphere of the party was brought to climax by the COS show, the music poem recitation "Dream as Horse", the song and dance performance "the Reversal Style of Instrumental Music and Dance". The party ended in a group of songs.  


    Vice-president of Students’ Union of the School of Nursing Long Ziwei said "Nurse is an angel in white. The word ‘love’ includes not only personal feelings, but also love for society and the country.”
    Hu Jiahao, the president of Huashan Literature Society, said “The music poem recitation ‘Dream as Horse’ fully expressed the members' love for literature and the love of literary society."