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GMU Social Practice Work is Awarded

Author: Posttime:2017-11-07 14:47:00 View Count:18

    Recently, good news was released from the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China, including National Volunteer Students “Go to the Countryside” Social Practice Activities Summary in the 2017. GMU won the “National Outstanding Unit” and Li Xiaowen from the School of Basic Medicine Sciences won the title "National Individual". "Small Medicine Box" Education Program won the most influential program in the "Qianxiao Qianxiang" social practice selection, which was jointly conducted by People's Daily and China Youth Daily.
    President Xi Jinping pointed out in the ideological and political work conference "The youth should read books and set up their responsibilities to society and their loyalty to the country in their social practice and social activities". Since the beginning of this year, GMU has carried out the volunteer service activities with various characteristics, showing the style of the university students and the feelings of serving the society and the motherland.