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The 3rd Medical Skill Show Final of GMU Ends

Author: Posttime:2017-12-24 21:16:00 View Count:15

    On the evening of December 15th, jointly held by the Society of Anatomical Medicine and the First Aid Association, the 3rd Medical Skill Show Final of GMU was held in the Huangjin Campus. The CPC Party Committee Secretary of GMU Li Gongjin, directors from Division of Students’ Affairs and Youth League Committee, as well as some teachers and students watched the competition.

    First of all, six groups of players were sequentially demonstrated fracture fixation and drug-changing. After the first round of intense competition, five players entered the intense “Answer Quickly” session about the basic knowledge about first-aid. The final three groups of players entered the simulated field first aid and aseptic operation competition. The third group of players, including Fang Yang, won the First Prize. The first group of players, including Chen Yue, the Second Prize. The third group of players, including Chen Hong, the Third Prize.   

    The competition not only popularized the basic medical knowledge and exercised the clinical skills and first aid ability of the students, but also improved the students' interest in learning.