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GMU is oriented to major in medicine, coordinates development of multi-discipline, inherits the academic faith of “Broadening Knowledge, Intensifying Basis, Emphasizing Practice, Pursuing Innovation” and boasts 19 bachelor degree majors and 16 college majors, covering Medicine, Science, Engineering, Literature, Law, Management and Education.

GMU offers high quality education of bachelor degree and college program, innovates academic faith, adheres to teaching reform, implements bachelor degree teaching quality and reform project, intensifies quality education and innovation capacities cultivation, actively promotes bilingual teaching, establishes science and technology innovation fund for undergraduates and intensively supports students to carry out science and technology innovation activities.

Bearing the belief and mission in mind with talent market demands, through several generations of unremitting pursuit, GMU is firmly positioned to become a key medical university in Jiangxi Province.

Let’s join hand in hand to wish all the best!


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Current Undergraduate Majors List

(Up to November 2012)




School of Basic Medical Sciences

Clinical Medicine

Prevention Medicine


Forensic Medicine

School of Pharmacy


Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM)

Pharmaceutical Engineering

School of Humanities & Social Sciences

Public Sector Management

Science of Law


Applied Psychology

School of Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation & Therapeutics


Exercise Rehabilitation Science

School of Information Engineering

Biomedicine Engineering

Medical Imaging Technology

School of the First Clinical Medicine


Laboratory Medicine

School of Nursing







Current College Program List

(Up to November 2012)


Clinical Medicine



Laboratory Medicine

Art Design

Medical Apparatus Manufacturing & Maintenance

Public Health Management

Applied English

Medical Imaging Technology

Pharmaceutical Marketing

Integration of Traditional Chinese & Western Medicine(ITWM)


Stomatology Technology

Quality Testing Technology of Medicines

Public Relations

Labor & Social Security