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Located in Ganzhou, a famous historical and cultural city in south of Jiangxi province and beside Beijing-Kowloon Railway, Gannan Medical University (GMU) is the only medical university of Bachelor Degree in Jiangxi province. Over the past 70 years, GMU combines her development with Jiangxi construction and the people’s health of Jiangxi province and cultivates a large number of medical talents. As an important part of GMU, continuing education, together with bachelor degree and college education, fully constitutes GMU’s talent cultivation system.

School of Continuing of Gannan Medical University (SCGMU) covers adult academic education, continuing education teaching and research and manages students. In 1958, Evening School was founded and adult academic education began being held. In 1980s, full-time training classes were held to carry out medical education training. In 1993, Division of Adult Education was founded and adult higher academic education began recruiting students. Department of Continuing Education was founded towards the end of 1998 and School of Continuing Education in 2002. Since the foundation, SCGMU has cultivated nearly 8,000 medical professionals. In September 2006, School of Vocational Technology of GMU was founded, merging with SCGMU and jointly managed the vocational technology education of GMU. Authorized by Department of Health of Jiangxi Province and Self-Study Examination Committee of Jiangxi Province, SCGMU is authorized as the base for cultivating general practitioners, teaching community nurses’ theory and being charge of Self-Study Examination of Nursing Majors. Authorized by Health Bureau of Ganzhou and Vocation Guidance Bureau of Ganzhou, SCGMU works as the base to cultivate health administration cadres of Ganzhou and offers very training for laid-off workers. At present, SCGMU is a branch of Distance Education Centre of Zhengzhou University.

Academic Education

Led by the leaders of GMU and relying on the fine conditions and solid strength of GMU, SCGMU structured multi-layered and multi-disciplinary education system and formed the opening pattern boasting academic education, self-study examination, non-diploma education and Science and Arts and respectively combining city, Jiangxi province and village and other provinces over the past years’ reform and development. 7 bachelor degree majors and 9 college majors have been authorized by the Department of Education of Jiangxi Province to recruit students, of which students have been recruited to study 7 bachelor degree majors, namely, Clinical Medicine, Nursing, Public Health Management, Pharmacy, Preventive Medicine, Rehabilitation Medicine and Applied Psychology and 8 college majors, namely, Clinical Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Stomatology, Medicine Imaging, Medicine Laboratory Technology, Chinese and Western Medicine and Public Health Management. Bachelor degree and college layers have been established in part majors boasting 2 patterns, namely, spare-time education and correspondence education. At present, SCGMU boasts 6,776 academic education students and establishes correspondence education branch in Nanchang, Xinyu, Ji’an, Shangrao, Pingxiang, Jiujiang, Fuzhou, Nanhai of Guangdong Province, Liuyang of Hunan Province etc.

Non-diploma Education

Based on the orientation by GMU’s cultivation goals, SIGMU did well in adult higher academic education, made full use of fine resources of GMU, actively carried out non-diploma education and vocational skill training, hosted Advanced Training Class for Centre Hospital President of Jiangxi Province, Advanced Training Class for Town-Village Hospital President of Ganzhou, Advanced Training Class for County Hospital President of Ganzhou, Training Class for Director of Medical Affairs Department of Ganzhou, Training Class for Director of Nursing Department of Ganzhou, Training Class for Health Management Cadres of Ganzhou, Theory Training Class for Community Nurse of Jiangxi Province, Theory Training Class for General Practitioner of Jiangxi Province, Training Class for Village Doctor Hosted by Chinese Red Cross Foundation and Yuesao/Maternity Matron Training Class, which boasted 3,000 students over the past years.

Administration and Reform

SCGMU adheres to the guiding principles of “Survival and Development Based on Quality and Benefit”, intensifies quality management, deepens reform, gains remarkable accomplishments, establishes the very sound and complete regulations such as students management, teaching management and correspondence education stations and adult academic education operates scientifically. SCGMU takes cultivating applied talents as the goal, deepens the reform of teaching patterns and contents, implements the “Lecturing--Self-study--Face-to-to Teaching--Examination” teaching pattern and medical topics teaching, emphasizes the teaching quality monitoring, intensifies the process and quality administration, makes strict demands on students’ examination and appraisal and increasingly improves the teaching quality and levels. In order to further promote SCGMU adult academic education, administration innovation and the all-round social service capacities of adult academic education, optimize the management procedure and realize the scientific adult academic education management, SCGMU implements the “ISO9000 Quality Management System in 2012 and realizes the standardization of adult academic education management. Over the past years, 4 SCGMU teachers worked as the chief editors and deputy chief editors of National Adult Education Planning Textbooks” and the graduates of SCGMU were sung high praise by the employers. SCGMU was award as “Advanced Unit of Higher Education Diploma E-registration Management of Jiangxi Province in 2004”and “Advanced Unit of Adult Education University Recruitment of Jiangxi Province in 2010-2011 School Year” by the Department of Education of Jiangxi Province.

    Of the study style society and popular higher education era, SCGMU will follow the objective laws of higher continuing education development, adapt her to the requirements for health talents, rightly make orientation, scientifically make exploration, deepen reform, steadily develop adult academic continuing education, further innovate schooling ideas, broaden schooling channels, resiliently adjust the schooling system, promote the schooling quality and benefit and cultivate more high-quality medical talents based on “vigorously developing non-academic continuing education” put forward by National Medium & Long-term Educational Reform & Development program (from 2010 to 2020).