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 70 years’ history, long successive academy, broad academic vision and rigorous scholarship of Gannan Medial University (GMU) create solid foundation of humanities and social sciences and rich academic atmosphere.

GMU, a main habitat of Hakka, is rooted in Gannan boasting abundant red resources and profound Hakka culture. Since the establishment, GMU promotes the spirit of Chinese Soviet Areas, inherits the motto of “Being Moral and Decent, Being Practical and Innovative” and vigorously encourages and supports the humanities and social science research. Apart from the medical majors such as clinical medicine and pharmacy, GMU boasts 4 bachelor degree majors, namely, Public Health Management, English, Applied Psychology and Laws, Medical Psychology, Medical Laws and 4 college majors, namely, Public Health Management, Applied English, Medical Marketing and Art Design. And humanities and social science disciplines cover ideological and political education, management science, psychology, laws, literature and art. GMU sets up humanities and social science institutes such as Doctor-patient Relationship Research Centre, Chinese Soviet Areas Medical Management Research Centre, Teachers Development Centre and Rural Medical Education Research Centre and boasts 7 affiliated hospitals and more than 100 hospitals for teaching and medical practice. Unique resources and geographical advantages, a wide range of disciplines, a large number of teaching bases and vigorous institutes constitute GMU’s research system of humanities and social science and lays a solid basis to embody her regional characteristics and implement interdisciplinary cooperation.
    Generations of scholars of humanities and social science of GMU develop fruitful academic achievements and embody the academic strength of humanities and social science of GMU. Successful application for national subjects, increasing high-quality research accomplishments and distinctive research make the academic research strength increasingly powerful in doctor-patient relationship, Chinese Soviet Areas Health Management, grassroots-oriented applied talents cultivation etc.

Great humanities and social science scholars of GMU firmly establish the idea of “Building School by Teaching, Developing School by Research, Powering School by Talents, Shaping School by Culture”, strive to promote Chinese Soviet Areas Spirit, inherit the excellent culture of Chinese nation, promote humanities and social science to play more powerful role in modernization drive and make greater contribution.

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