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 · GMU Holds the Soviet Areas Medical Forum 2020-07-02
 · GMU Holds the Meeting on the Joint Training of Doctors with Suzhou ..2020-07-02
 · GMU Holds the Graduation Ceremony in 2020 2020-06-30
 · Professor Wang Jianbin from Nanchang University Delivers a Lecture ..2020-06-24
 · GMU Participates in the BRIMEA Conference and the IHMEF 2020-06-20
 · President Liu Qian Inspects the Experimental Teaching 2020-06-16
 · FAHGMU Successfully Completes the RA-HTV-NOTES NU with Robot Assist..2020-06-16
 · GMU Carries Out the Reports Meeting under the Theme “The Most Beau..2020-06-14
 · Liu Qian Delivers the Special Report on the Seminar of Quality Assu..2020-06-13
 · The Delegation of Gannan Academy of Sciences Pays a Visit to GMU2020-06-12
 · GMU Holds the Joint Conference on the United Front Work and the Eth..2020-06-11
 · GMU and Jiangxi Dikang Pharmaceutical Co., LTD Negotiate School-Ent..2020-06-11
 · The Delegation of Jiujiang University Pays a Visit to GMU2020-06-09
 · The Inspectors of Forestry Bureau of Jiangxi Province Pay a Visit t..2020-06-09
 · The Teaching Skills Final for Young Teachers in 2020 is Held Succes..2020-06-08
 · Luo Xiaoting and Xu Chunjuan Win the First Prizes in the Teaching C..2020-06-06
 · The 4th Session of the 9th Teachers Congress and the 10th Employee ..2020-06-06
 · GMU Holds the 4th Session of the 9th Teachers Congress and the 10th..2020-06-06
 · A Delegation from Krirk University of Thailand Pays a Visit to GMU2020-06-03
 · GMU Carries Out Online Mental Health Education Lecture2020-06-03