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 · The FAHGMU has been Approved as one of the first Batch NDCCTT2018-12-29
 · Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Li Song Pays a Visit ..2018-12-28
 · The Society of Pediatric Surgery of Ganzhou Medical Association is ..2018-12-28
 · GMU President Liu Qian is Elected as the Vice President of the EASA..2018-12-24
 · Seminar on Scientific Research Work for New Teachers with Doctoral ..2018-12-21
 · GMU Teachers and Students Watch the Live Broadcast of the 40th Anni..2018-12-18
 · The Renovation Project of CSIEPGMU has been Successfully Completed2018-12-17
 · Ganzhou Branch of Jiangxi Research Hospital Association is Founded 2018-12-17
 · GMU Holds the Young Teachers’ Teaching Contest in 20182018-12-12
 · 3 Innovative Works of Nursing Health Education of the FAHGMU Win Pr..2018-12-12
 · GMU Participates in the 2nd Jiangxi University Science and Technolo..2018-12-09
 · GMU Overseas Students Win Remarkable Achievement in NEB Examination2018-12-04
 · The GMU Holds the GMU Staff Fun Sports Meeting in 20182018-12-03
 · Leaders and Doctoral Supervisors of the SFCMS Hold Special Class Me..2018-12-03
 · The 9th Academic Exchange Conference of the Ophthalmology Branch of..2018-12-03
 · The FAHGMU is Approved as the Laparoscopic Surgeon Training Base of..2018-12-01
 · The 2018 Annual Meeting of the PMRBJMA is Held in Ganzhou2018-11-25
 · GMU Leaders Inspect the Expert Inspection Points of the Undergradua..2018-11-24
 · Li Gongjin Visits South Korea and the USA2018-11-23
 · The Social Practice Project of "Small Medicine Box" Educa..2018-11-22