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 · The Social Practice Project of "Small Medicine Box" Educa..2018-11-22
 · The Chorus of SBMS of GMU Wins the Silver Award in the 1st Cross-st..2018-11-19
 · GMU Holds the PBL Supervisor Training in 20182018-11-19
 · The First Biochemistry Song Competition of College Students of GMU2018-11-18
 · GMU Holds the Job Fair for Graduates in 2019 in Zhanggong Campus2018-11-17
 · GMU Academic Paper is Selected as a Piece of Highly Cited Paper of ..2018-11-16
 · GMU Students Win Remarkable Achievements in the JGEIAEA2018-11-16
 · The Unveiling Ceremony of GBNCMRCGD is Held in FAHGMU2018-11-15
 · 5 Medical Postgraduates from Lincoln Memorial University Come to th..2018-11-15
 · GMU Holds the GMU-LMU Medical Student Exchange Program Symposium2018-11-13
 · GMU President Liu Qian Meets the Guests from Lincoln Memorial Unive..2018-11-12
 · GMU Wins Remarkable Achievements in the 2nd WMCSIE Contest 2018-11-12
 · GMU Holds the Grand Chorus Contest for the 40th Anniversary of the ..2018-11-12
 · Jonathan Leo Carries Out the Faculty Training in the Internationali..2018-11-10
 · GMU Students Win Remarkable Achievements in the 10th English Transl..2018-11-09
 · GMU Project of GCOIDIC Has Achieved a Batch of Scientific Research ..2018-11-05
 · Co-Cultivation Nursing Undergraduates of GMU and JHVC Come Back to ..2018-11-05
 · GMU Conducts an Campus Air Medical Emergency Rescue Drill2018-11-03
 · A New Normal of Emergency and Efficient Rescue in the FAHGMU2018-11-02
 · FAHGMU Wins the Second Prize in the 6th NQCCCCH2018-10-29