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 · Guest Professor Yan Liangjun Delivers an Academic Lecture2015-06-19
 · 4 News Works of GMU Win the National Awards2015-06-19
 · “Apperceive the Power of Faith” Reading Campaign Ends with a Comp..2015-06-19
 · Emergency Rescue Drill for Architecture Project and Fire Protection..2015-06-18
 · Bai Zhiming Pays a Visit to GMU2015-06-18
 · IUDEJP Have a Check on the Students’ Canteens of GMU2015-06-16
 · Xie Hongying is Crowned One of the First National Excellent Nursing..2015-06-12
 · The First Bachelor Degree Medical Technology Students of GMU Start ..2015-06-12
 · GMU is Selected as One of the Members for NMOSTPC2015-06-12
 · The First College Civilized Traffic Culture Festival of Ganzhou is ..2015-06-11
 · GMU College Student Military Training Instructors’ Team Go to Ruij..2015-06-11
 · GMU Delegation Pays a Visit to the Academician Zhong Shizhen2015-06-11
 · On-the-spot Psychometry and Consultation is Held in Huangjin Campus2015-05-30
 · GMU “Sunshine Sports” Badminton Competition Ends with a Complete ..2015-05-30
 · Psychology Comic Contest Approaches to the End2015-05-30
 · GMU Wins the Third Award in the NCSCSFMU2015-05-30
 · GMU Students Win the Third Award in FNTCMHESC2015-05-30
 · FAHGMU Delegation Attends the Academic Annual Conference for AUA2015-05-30
 · 2 Professors from SBMSPU Offer Demonstration Teaching in GMU2015-05-26
 · SFCMS Holds the Young Teachers’ Teaching Contest2015-05-26