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 · FAHGMU Head Nurse Son Xiangjin Wins the Title “May Day Woman Paces..2015-04-29
 · GMU Holds Practice Teaching Conference for MBBS2015-04-28
 · The First College Student Press Photo Contest Approaches to the End2015-04-27
 · Professor Shi Baoxin from TMU Pays a Visit to GMU2015-04-27
 · GMU Yoga Public Class is Officially Launched2015-04-27
 · NOTES Research Achievements of USFAHGMU are Published in the Top In..2015-04-23
 · Daegu Haany University Delegation Pay a Visit to Gannan Medical Uni..2015-04-23
 · A Wind of Prolonged Friendship Blows over Islamic Republic of Pakis..2015-04-22
 · Library Holds the Opening Ceremony of the 3rd Books Culture Festival2015-04-22
 · GMU Youth Volunteer Association Participate in the “National Healt..2015-04-20
 · SFCMS Holds the Pre-job Training for the Youth Emergency Volunteer ..2015-04-20
 · Jiujiang University Delegation Pay a Visit to GMU2015-04-17
 · 3 GMU Contestants Win Remarkable Accomplishments in the 4th Nationa..2015-04-16
 · GMU Wins the First Award in the South China Division of the 6th CSC..2015-04-14
 · Youth Volunteers Service Team of SBMS Carry out Heart-warming Activ..2015-04-12
 · 3 GMU Counsellors Win Awards in the 3rd CCCJP2015-04-10
 · GMU Teachers Win Remarkable Accomplishments in the FLWCC2015-04-01
 · GMU Student Military Officers Holds a Memorial Ceremony for Martyrs2015-03-31
 · Youth Volunteers’ Team of SBMS Goes to Pinglu Village for Charity ..2015-03-24
 · GMU Leaders Pay a Visit to Alumni in Various Locations2015-03-20