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 · SN Holds the Evening Gala for this Year’s Graduates2019-05-13
 · SN Celebrates International Nurses’ Day with a Cap-giving Ceremony..2019-05-13
 · The 14th "Zongheng Cup" Students’ Debate Competition of ..2019-05-13
 · The 7th NSOC of SN Ends Successfully 2019-05-10
 · Pre-eva luation of the Quality Certification of Study-in-China is L..2019-05-09
 · Professor Yang Jian from Pennsylvania State University Delivers a L..2019-05-09
 · FAHGMU is Selected as the NPNSEB2019-05-09
 · Professor Xie Xiaoying Delivers a Lecture at the 2nd GHC in Barcelo..2019-05-09
 · The 3rd "Doctor's Art Event" HAPC in GMU Ends Success..2019-05-08
 · GMU Has Signed an Agreement with JNNRAB on Practical Teaching Bases2019-05-06
 · The Pharmacist Team of the FAHGMU Participates in the FCIPF2019-05-06
 · Urology Delegation of the FAHGMU Goes to Nanjing for Academic Excha..2019-05-06
 · Batch 1982 Alumnus Li Qingfeng is Re-elected to the List of Valid C..2019-05-05
 · FAHGMU Team Wins the Runner-up and “The Most Popular Award” in th..2019-05-05
 · GMU Holds a Conference to Commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the ..2019-05-01
 · GMU Holds the Faculty Chalk Calligraphy Competition for the Celebra..2019-04-29
 · SFCMS Holds a Forum on CSSTIE2019-04-28
 · Nanchang Branch of GMU Alumni Association is Officially Founded2019-04-25
 · 6 GMU Majors Have Been Approved as First-class Ones in Jiangxi Prov..2019-04-22
 · Jiujiang Branch of GMU Alumni Association is Officially Founded2019-04-22