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 · GMU Holds the Commendation Conference for Students’ Affairs2015-01-09
 · JXNU Leaders Pay a Visit to GMU2014-12-19
 · Hu Qi Wins the Special Prize in Jiangxi Division of the 9th Nationa..2014-12-19
 · Ganzhou Conference under the Theme of “Obesity, Tumor & Inflammati..2015-12-18
 · School of Medicine Sciences of Jiaying University Pays a Visit to G..2014-12-16
 · Professor Zhou Xiaofeng Attends the International Academic Conferen..2014-12-10
 · GMU Holds the Conference for Practical Teaching in 20142014-12-08
 · The 11th Digestion & Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Academic Annual Con..2014-11-24
 · GMU Holds the Fire Drill and Fire Fighting Skill Competition2014-11-10
 · GMU Students Achieve Fine Accomplishments in the Jiangxi Branch of ..2014-11-07
 · GMU Achieves Fine Accomplishments in the 14th Sports Meeting of Jia..2014-11-06
 · GMU Holds the Meeting for Graduates and Supervisors of Batch 20142014-11-05
 · GMU Students Win Awards in the 2nd National Rehabilitation Therapeu..2014-11-05
 · The Opening Ceremony of GMU Overseas Students Teachers Training Cla..2014-10-21
 · Professor Zhou Xiaofeng from FAHGMU Is Selected as One of the ABCMD..2014-10-20
 · Ganzhou Clinical Contest in 2014 Is Held in the FAHGMU2014-10-20
 · GMU Players Win Remarkable Achievements in the 14th BCSMJP2014-10-17
 · 2 Professors from the DPPSBMSPU Give Lessons in GMU2014-10-15
 · Professor Lai Zhongfang Pays a Visit to FAHGMU2014-10-14
 · SR Holds the Operation Mobilization for the 14thSports Meeting of J..2014-10-13