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 · GMU Overseas Students Joyfully Have a Celebration of Eid al-Adha2014-10-13
 · GMU Model Teacher Ding Yechun Has the Display of Demonstration Teac..2014-10-13
 · The Huangjin Branch of FAHGMU Is Officially Put into Use2014-10-10
 · GMU Holds the Opening Ceremony for the Overseas Students’ Teachers..2014-10-09
 · 277 Workers from the FAHGMU Do the Blood Donation without Payment2014-09-23
 · GMU President Han Limin Pays a Supervision Visit to the Graduates’..2014-09-18
 · GMU Wins Remarkable Accomplishments in the 5th CSACAFJP2014-09-18
 · GMU Holds the Grand Celebration of the Opening Ceremony for the Fir..2014-09-11
 · President Liu Qian Raised Requirements for the Literature Retrieva ..2014-09-10
 · The Military Training for Batch 2014 Students Ends with a Complete ..2014-09-09
 · You Yuguang from the DUFAHGMU Enjoys the Honor of “Seeking the Mos..2014-09-09
 · Liu Hui is Selected into the Hundred-Thousand Talent Project in 20142014-09-09
 · GMU Enjoys 2 New Authorized Master’s Degrees 2014-08-31
 · He Shaohua is Commended by CHINA GUOXUE SEMINAR2014-08-31
 · GMU Enjoys 8 New Teaching Quality Projects for Bachelor Degree2014-08-31
 · GMU News Works Win National Awards2014-06-24
 · Han Limin is Selected as the Vice Chairperson of the 1st BSCDTCMWFC..2014-06-23
 · FAHGMU Signs the Counterpart Support Agreement with the PHNKD2014-06-19
 · GMU Students Win the Second Award in the College Students Electroni..2014-06-04
 · FAHGMU Urology Makes Significant Progress in the Renal Carcinoma Re..2014-05-31