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 · GMU Has the Grand Celebration of the First “GMU Day”2014-03-17
 · SIE Carries out the Tree Planting Activity to Present the Souvenir ..2014-03-13
 · GMU Overseas Students Actively Donate Blood2014-03-12
 · Professor Feng Zhen Delivers a Lecture in the TAHGMU2014-03-10
 · GMU Youth Volunteer Team is Founded2014-03-05
 · MBBS and Nursing Majors are Authorized as the Majors for Master’s ..2014-03-05
 · HKBU Delegation Paid a Visit to GMU2014-01-13
 · The 3rd Gynecology Branch Conference of the Ganzhou Medical Associa..2014-01-06
 · The Researcher Huang Gonghua Paid a Visit to GMU2014-01-02
 · Division of Students’ Affairs Held the New Year Gala in Huangjin C..2013-12-27
 · NOTES Zou-Port Researched Independently by FAHGMU Urology Departmen..2013-12-24
 · Zhou Xiaofeng from the FAHGMU Delivered the Academic Lecture in the..2013-12-24
 · Hemopurification Patient Security Management Training Class was Hel..2013-12-18
 · Professor Yang Jian from ECNU Delivered the Academic Lecture in GMU2013-12-06
 · GMU Held the Award Ceremony of Foreign Student Scholarship of Jiang..2013-12-03
 · “Variety Show” of School of Humanities and Social Sciences Ended ..2013-11-29
 · GMU Held the Informal Meeting on Talent Affairs 2013-11-29
 · GMU Held the Conference of Education Fund Management Council of GMU2013-11-27
 · The SFCMS Held the Freshman Festival & the 8th Closing Gala of Cult..2013-11-26
 · Miss Wang Juan from the SHSS Won the Honor Title “Top Ten Teachers..2013-11-22