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 · School of Cosmetology of YiChun UniversityDelegation Pay a Visit to..2014-04-21
 · Library Holds the Opening Ceremony of the 2nd Book Culture Festival2014-04-18
 · GMU Vice-President Liu Qian Pays a Visit to Yangshan Oil-tea Camell..2014-04-18
 · GMU President Han Limin Attends the Campus Culture Construction Con..2014-04-16
 · The Group Leader of National Rehabilitation Majors Yan Yanning Deli..2014-04-16
 · Deputy Mayor Hu Juwen Pays a Visit to Huangjin Section of FAHGMU2014-04-16
 · GMU Students Win Achievements in the East China Division of the NCS..2014-04-15
 · Urology Surgery Delegation of FAHGMU Attend the Seminar in Shanghai2014-04-14
 · Exercise Rehabilitation Bachelor Degree Majors Teaching Quality Con..2014-04-24
 · Professor Jiao Wei from Peking Sport University Delivers a Lecture ..2014-04-14
 · Professor Wu Guanghui from XMU Delivers a Lecture in GMU2014-04-14
 · GMU Holds the Briefing for the Exchange in LMU2014-04-14
 · An Agreement was Signed between FAHGMU and TCMHS2014-04-09
 · Mrs. Evelyn Delegation from the Champagne-Ardenne of France Paid a ..2014-04-04
 · Professor Yu Lin from the TCMUJX Paid a Visit to GMU2014-04-03
 · GMU Counselors Won the Awards in the 2nd CVCCJP2014-04-03
 · GMU Military Training Officers Have the Memorial Ceremony in Tianzh..2014-04-02
 · The First Electrocardiology Branch of Ganzhou Medicine Association ..2014-04-02
 · GMU Honorary President Han Jisheng Wins the Zhang Ande TCM Internat..2014-04-02
 · GMU Delegation Pays a Visit to Sharda University2014-04-01