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 · Professor Xi Huanjiu from Liaoning Medical University Delivered a L..2013-10-25
 · Professor Zhou Ke from University of California Delivered a Lecture..2013-10-22
 · GMU Teacher Won the Award in the First National College Weike Teach..2013-10-22
 · GMU Overseas Students Won the Award in the First Chinese Contest of..2013-10-21
 · GMU Wonthe Award in the National Finals of the 13th “Challenge Cup..2013-10-21
 · GMU Overseas Students Held the Celebration of Eid Al-adha in 20132013-10-16
 · GMU President Han Limin Had an Informal Meeting with the Young Teac..2013-10-02
 · Number of Applicants for GMU in the College Entrance Examination of..2013-09-17
 · GMU Students Won the Third Prize in the Jiangxi Division of Nationa..2013-09-17
 · The “Daode Jiangtang” of the FAHGMU Held Lectures Once More2013-09-17
 · Review on the GMU Youth Core Teachers Training Class in 20132013-09-17
 · Diao Haifeng from the Logistics Group Won the Honorary Title“Energ..2013-09-11
 · GMU President Han Limin Had an Informal Conference with the Represe..2013-09-09
 · Urology Branch of the Ganzhou Medicine Association Held the Standin..2013-09-06
 · The FAHGMU Delegation Participated in the East China Urology Academ..2013-09-03
 · An Innovative Technology from the Urology Department of FAHGMU Won ..2013-09-03
 · 4 Teachers Gained Awards in the First University WeiKe Teaching Con..2014-09-02
 · The Logistics Group was Awarded as the “Advanced Unit” of Jiangxi..2013-09-02
 · GMU President Han Limin Called on the Batch 2013 Students Accepting..2013-08-28
 · The Batch 2013 Students Started Military Training 2013-08-28