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 · GMU Held a Conference on the Psychological Health of College Studen..2013-06-17
 · The Division of Security Carried out the Training of Fire Control K..2013-06-17
 · Doctor Wei Huiyong from the Louisiana State University of USA Deliv..2013-06-17
 · Nurse Station of the Department of Cardiology of the FAHGMU Gained ..2013-06-14
 · Doctor Liu Hao Had an Informal Discussion with the Third Affiliated..2013-06-14
 · GMU Experts Have Completed the First International Live NOTES Opera..2013-06-14
 · The Grand Special Party “Harmonious China & Sharing Sunshine Toget..2013-06-08
 · The First Affiliated Hospital of GMU was Authorized as a National U..2013-06-06
 · GMU Gained Excellent Accomplishments in the 13th“Challenge Cup”Co..2013-06-04
 · The Opening Ceremony of the First Books Culture Festival of GMU was..2013-05-30
 · Teaching Plans Exhibition of Teaching Masters Candidates was Held i..2013-05-10
 · The 3rd Campus Line Dance Contest was Held in GMU2013-05-06
 · Hongkong Clinical Psychologists Huang Chirong&Chen Qianyuan Deliver..2013-05-06
 · GMU League Members Intensively Studied the Important Speech Spirit ..2013-05-06
 · GMU Students Gained Remarkable Accomplishments in the Mainland Tryo..2013-05-02
 · Doctor Walter Luyten is Invited as Visiting Professor to GMU2013-04-08
 · President Han Limin Paid a Supervision Visit to the CCDPTKL of Ganz..2013-03-19
 · Clinical Medicine Majors Attestation Mobilization Conference was He..2013-03-15
 · An Anecdote on the Anniversary of GMU2013-03-15
 · Deputy Director General Xie Benqiong Pays a Visit to Ganzhou Police..2012-12-19