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 · GMU Hold an Evening Party for the Graduates in 2019 2019-06-25
 · GMU's Aerobics Team Achieves Excellent Accomplishments in the 8..2019-06-24
 · GMU Vice-President Zhang Xiaokang is Invited to Attend the General ..2019-06-18
 · GMU Holds the Provisional Ceremony for Batch 2014 International Stu..2019-06-13
 · The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology in the FAHGMU has been ..2019-06-10
 · The 5th “Internet+” Competition of GMU Ends2019-06-06
 · GMU Holds the First Medical Students’ Professional Spirit Forum 2019-06-06
 · The First HAMCCSA is Praised by Teachers and Students2019-06-05
 · National Attestation Experts Come to the FAHGMU for the Directions ..2019-06-05
 · FAHGMU Holds the Opening Ceremony for Huangjin Branch 2019-06-03
 · GMU Holds the "Internet+" Project Promotion Meeting2019-05-31
 · SN Teachers’ Team of GMU Wins the First Prize in the TCSCUU2019-05-30
 · The 5th Psychological Cartoon Competition Approaches to the End2019-05-30
 · Li Gongjin Attends the Founding Meeting of CSAMSEA2019-05-27
 · GMU Vice-President Zhang Xiaokang is Elected as a Member of the Sta..2019-05-27
 · The 4th CSBMBESIDC in GMU Ends with a Complete Success2019-05-27
 · The GMU Campus Young Singers Competition in 2019 Ends with a Comple..2019-05-24
 · SFCMS Holds the Young Teachers Teaching Competition in 20192019-05-21
 · The 2nd Mental Health Ambassador Final Ends2019-05-20
 · FAHGM Holds a Doctoral Supervisors’ Training Class2019-05-20