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 · FAHGMU is Recognized as the National Medical Alliance Branch Center..2018-04-25
 · GMU "Good Life Begins with Reading" World Reading Day Eve..2018-04-24
 · NETRCTCMM- Hakka Chinese Medicine Resources Research Branch Is Esta..2018-04-16
 · GMU Wins the Second Prize in the East China Division Competition of..2018-04-16
 · The First Teaching Competition of School of Basic Medicine Sciences..2018-04-16
 · GMU Holds International Exchange Promotion Meeting for Students.2018-04-16
 · Ganzhou Helicopter Rescue Project Base Is Officially Set up in GMU.2018-04-16
 · Liu Qian Meets the Vice President Yuan Caihua2018-04-11
 · John Christoforo from Harvard University Gives Lectures at FAHGMU.2018-04-10
 · GMU’s Genetic Testing Health Poverty Alleviation Program is Offici..2018-04-04
 · The Spring Job Fair in 2018 is Held in Zhanggong Campus2018-04-04
 · GMU's Military Training Instructors Pay Tribute to the Revoluti..2018-04-04
 · The Panel of the Ministry of Education of P.R. China Pays a Visit t..2018-03-27
 · Researcher Liu Jiaren from Harvard Medical School of USA Gives a Le..2018-03-26
 ·  Students' Affairs Division and Psychological Counselling Cente..2018-03-26
 · Professor Wang Jianbin from Nanchang University Pays a Visit to GMU2018-03-26
 · GMU Delivers the Lectures on 3·24 World Tuberculosis Day.2018-03-23
 · GMU Students Show Their Talents in the twelfth Sino-US Conference o..2018-03-21
 · The 4th Committee of the Chinese Medical Association Education and ..2018-03-18
 · GMU Holds the the 77th Anniversary of GMU and the First Innovation ..2018-03-17