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 · GMU Holds the Clinical Skills Contest in 2018-2019 Academic Year fo..2019-04-03
 · The Founding Conference of the Nursing Education Committee of Ganzh..2019-04-02
 · The Students of Anesthesiology in GMU Carry Out the Reform of "..2019-04-02
 · Teachers and Students of GMU Carry Out Tomb-Sweeping Day Activities2019-04-01
 · The SAHGMU Holds the 10th Anniversary Celebration2019-04-01
 · Zou Xiaofeng is Appointed as the Standing Director of “Chinese Hos..2019-04-01
 · GMU Carries Out the Fire Control Knowledge Training and Emergency F..2019-04-01
 · GMU Enjoys another 6 New Undergraduate Majors2019-03-28
 · Ouyang Qiuying and Luo Li Win the First Prize of the 5th MKM CPVSC ..2019-03-27
 · An Engineering Research Center in Jiangxi Province is Approved in G..2019-03-25
 · GMU Carries Out Teachers' PPT Production Skills Training in 20192019-03-25
 · The 9th Congress of CT and the 3rd session for the 10th CWS Close S..2019-03-24
 · GMU Holds the Grand Opening Ceremony for the 3rd Conference of CT a..2019-03-23
 · GMU Holds the Opening Ceremony for the First TSSGP 2019-03-20
 · FAHGMU is Selected as One in the "Top 100 of China Hospitals&q..2019-03-13
 · GMU Overseas Students Carry out Emergency Rescue Training2019-03-12
 · GMU Has a Celebration of the International Women’s Day2019-03-08
 · The Study-in-China Quality Certification Work of GMU is Officially ..2019-03-08
 · 7 LMU Ph.D. Candidates Come to FAHGMU for Internship2019-03-08
 · Zeng Zexin, Zhang Xiaokang and Peng Weijie are Appointed to Work in..2019-03-06