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 · GMU Holds the "Alumni Back to GMU" & the Founding Confere..2019-03-04
 · The FAHGMU Wins Honors in the Health Promotion Conference of Jiangx..2019-03-01
 · The FAHGMU Carries Out the Air Medical Emergency Rescue Once More 2019-02-26
 · The First Day of the New Semester Enjoys the Good Order2019-02-25
 · Li Yapeng Delivers an Inspirational Lecture for GMU Students2019-02-24
 · FAHGMU Enrolls in the NCNRDDT2019-02-22
 · GMU Overseas Students Have a Joyous Celebration of the Spring Festi..2019-02-02
 · GMU Vice-President Liu Min Visits the Remaining Students during the..2019-01-31
 · Professor Zou Xiaofeng is Appointed as a Member of the Medical Appr..2019-01-30
 · The Old Age Rehabilitation Branch of TAHGMU Wins the Advanced Colle..2019-01-28
 · FAHGMU TAVI Rejuvenates a 78-Year-Old Person in Seconds2019-01-21
 · FAHGMU Opens the Organ Transplantation Clinic2019-01-18
 · GMU President Liu Qian Checks Campus Security Work2019-01-16
 · FAHGMU Re-starts the Emergency Helicopter to Rescue the Seriously I..2019-01-14
 · GMU Holds a Meeting on the Campus Planning Revision of Huangjin Cam..2019-01-10
 · 6 GMU Students Rescue the Fallen Old Person in Time2019-01-10
 · CCTV Reports the Recruitment Propaganda of GMU2019-01-10
 · A National Heart Failure Center is Founded in the First Affiliated ..2019-01-03
 · GMU Holds a Chorus Evening Party to Celebrate the 40th Anniversary ..2018-12-30
 · Academician Li Zhaoshen Pays a Visit to FAHGMU2018-12-29