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 · SFCMS Holds the Employment Mobilization Meeting for next Year’s Gr..2020-09-29
 · The Library Orientation for Freshmen Successfully Ends2020-09-28
 · The 6th Basic Medicine Sciences Innovation Forum and Design Contest..2020-09-28
 · Yan Jian Delivers the “Orientation” Class for the Class Shuangli ..2020-09-27
 · SR Promotes the Majors’ Knowledge on Orientation2020-09-27
 · SBMS Holds the Teaching Supervision Meeting2020-09-24
 · SFCMS Launches the Orientation for Freshmen2020-09-24
 · GMU Held the Meeting on the Joint Training of Doctoral Students in ..2020-09-21
 · Psychology Teaching and Research Office Holds the Introduction Meet..2020-09-21
 · SN Sees off the Enlisted Students2020-09-17
 · SP Holds the Freshmen Meeting 2020-09-15
 · Leaders of SPHHM Visit the Freshmen2020-09-14
 · SHSS Holds a Meeting to Celebrate the Teachers’ Day2020-09-10
 · SR Holds the 1st Counselors’ Meeting for the New Semester2020-09-08
 · TAHGMU Holds a Series of Activities to Celebrate the Teachers’ Day2020-09-07
 · SR Holds the Meeting for the Graduates and Supervisors 2020-09-07
 · Leaders of SHSS Visit Students’ Dormitory2020-09-01
 ·  “Small Medicine Box” Project of SBMS is Interviewed by Jiangxi F..2020-08-29
 · SBMS Holds the Meeting for the New Semester2020-08-28
 · SAHGMU Holds the Commendation Meeting on the 3rd China Doctors’ Da..2020-08-19