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 · Graduates’ Class Meetings on COVID-19 Fight are Held 2020-02-12
 · SBMS Actively Has the Preparations for the Online Teaching2020-02-10
 · FAHGMU Leaders Pay a Visit to the Staff for the Fight against the C..2020-02-09
 · SAHGMU Leaders Pay a Visit to the Staff on Duty in the Locales of t..2020-02-06
 · Caring Organization and Person Donate Materials to TAHGMU2020-02-04
 · TAHGMU Nurse Wu Chao Sets out to Wuhan for Medical Aid2020-02-04
 · TAHGMU Leaders Visit the Staff on Duty at Ganzhou Railway Station2020-01-28
 · SHSS Teachers' Representatives Pay a Visit to GRHEC2020-01-13
 · TAHGMU Opens the WeChat “Smile to Pay” 2020-01-09
 · TAHGMU Holds a New Year Party2020-01-03
 · SR Holds the Majors Development Seminar2019-12-31
 · SP Holds the Evening Party for Welcoming Freshmen in 2019 2019-12-20
 · The 2nd GMU Law Culture Festival Ends with a Complete Success2019-12-19
 · SBMS Holds the 2nd Red Army Doctors Story-telling Competition2019-12-16
 · SR Holds the Inaugural Conference for the Psychological Workstation2019-12-06
 · SIE & CA Hold the Computer Repair Activity For Free2019-12-05
 · SP Holds the "Benevolent Sitcom" Contest2019-12-04
 · SP Holds the 1st Dormitory Culture Festival 2019-11-08
 · DS and the Library Jointly Hold the Fire Drill2019-10-29
 · SIE Holds the Majors Promotion Meeting2019-10-16