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 · GMU Psychology Consultation Center Holds a Mental Health Lecture2016-04-20
 · Volunteers Team of School of Rehabilitation Carries out Love-spread..2016-04-19
 · Volunteers from School of Basic Medicine Sciences Head for Fuhai Ge..2016-04-19
 · The 4th Line Dance Competition Ends with a Complete Success2016-04-18
 · The 4th Nursing Skill Competition of School of Nursing is Held2016-04-18
 · The 2nd Psychology Comics Contest Approaches to the End2016-04-05
 · School of Pharmacy Holds the “Shizhen Cup” TCM Fun Activity2016-04-02
 · A Lecture “College Students’ Emotional Cognition and Management”..2016-03-29
 · FAHGMU Holds the 21st “Tuberculosis Prevention and Treatment Day”..2016-03-26
 · Professor Zhang Guoxi from the Department of Urology Surgery of FAH..2016-03-25
 · “Shape Yoga Builds Elegant Figure”2016-03-23
 · SBMS Volunteers Service Team Goes to Kanghe Yuan for Caring for the..2016-03-15
 · SFCMS Students Carry out Community Charity Clinics in Lei Feng’s D..2016-03-09
 · SN Carries out the “Girls’ Day” Activity2016-03-09
 · GMU Youth Volunteer’ Team Carries out Charity Clinics in Longjing ..2016-03-07
 · Batch 2013 Students of SBMS Go to Study in the SSCMS2016-03-03
 · SFCMS Holds the Meeting for Head Teachers in the New Semester2016-03-01
 · SR Holds the Symposium for the Majors Construction of HMS and AR2016-02-21
 · The Second-generation Smart Touch Catheter Enjoys the Debut in Jian..2015-12-10
 · College Students’ Table Tennis in Ganzhou Approaches to the End2015-12-10