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 · The Library Holds the Firefighting Knowledge Training2015-10-14
 · Academic Team from Section 2 of Cardiology Department of FAHGMU Par..2015-10-10
 · Class 1 of Batch 1992 Alumni Majoring in Gynecology, Obstetrics and..2015-10-08
 · SIE Launches the Tianyue Order-orientated Cultivation of Talents Pl..2015-09-14
 · FAHGMU Holds the Football Competition of “Yingxin Cup”2015-09-14
 · SFCMS Holds the Opening Ceremony of the 10th Culture and Art Festiv..2015-09-11
 · GMUPCC Delivers a Mental Health Lecture for Freshmen2015-09-11
 · Library Carries out Library Access Education for Batch 2015 Students2015-09-08
 · SIE Holds a Professional Education Meeting for Batch 2015 Students2015-09-08
 · SHSS Holds the Welcome New Arrivals Conference in 20152015-09-08
 · TAHGMU Holds a Meeting for Senior Academic Degree Personnel2015-09-08
 · SBMS Carries out Mental Health Education for Freshmen2015-09-07
 · SR Has a Meeting for Faculty and Batch 2015 Students2015-09-03
 · SN Carried out Security and GMU Motto Education for Freshmen2015-09-03
 · SAHGMU Holds the Symposium of Breast Cancer for Standardization Dia..2015-06-29
 · FAHGMU Holds Charity Clinics in Laicun Village2015-06-29
 · The 1st ECG Salon in Xinfeng County is Held in SAHGMU2015-06-26
 · The First “Youth Cup” Basketball Contest of FAHGMU Approaches to ..2015-06-23
 · TAHGMU Carries out Charity Clinics2015-06-19
 · The 9th Students’ Union of SBMS Hold a Review Meeting2015-06-16