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 · The First “Youth Cup” Basketball Contest of FAHGMU Approaches to ..2015-06-23
 · TAHGMU Carries out Charity Clinics2015-06-19
 · The 9th Students’ Union of SBMS Hold a Review Meeting2015-06-16
 · FAHGMU Holds the Health Knowledge Lecture for Railway Staff2015-06-16
 · The 2nd Young Teachers’ Teaching Competition of SN Approaches to t..2015-06-11
 · SHSS Holds the Parent-children Activities for International Childre..2015-06-11
 · SP Holds the “Sanzou” Group Dance Contest2015-06-11
 · SIE Holds the Internship and Employment Experience Exchange Meeting2015-05-30
 · SIE Delegation Pay a Visit to Shenzhen Shekou People’s Hospital2015-05-27
 · SHSS Holds the “Moot Court” Drama Contest2015-05-27
 · TAHGMU Has the Grand Celebration of Nurse Day2015-05-18
 · Obstetrics Department of FAHGMU Holds Charity Clinics in Mother’s ..2015-05-18
 · The 3rd Nursing Skills Contest of SN Approaches to the End2015-05-18
 · The 3rd Anatomy Knowledge Competition is Held2015-05-18
 · FAHGMU Holds the “Youth Cup” Basketball Competition2015-05-18
 · SAHGMU Holds the Fire Safety Knowledge Training2015-05-18
 · SAHGMU Holds the Training for Clinical Blood Transfusion2015-04-30
 · SFCMS “Friendship Cup” Class Basketball League Ends with a Comple..2015-04-29
 · SFCMS Holds the 2nd Eco-fashion Design Contest2015-04-29
 · SHSS Holds the 6th Line Dance Competition2015-04-28