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 · SFCMS Holds Informal Meetings for Student Representatives2015-03-19
 · SR Holds Intern Forums2015-03-17
 · SR Holds a Lecture for the Status Quo and Foreground of Rehabilitat..2015-03-16
 · The 1st Nursing Training Class of FAHGMU for Non-degree Students in..2015-03-13
 · SN Holds a Meeting for the 3rd Students’ Union2015-03-12
 · SFCMS Holds an Activity for the “Girls’ Day2015-03-10
 · FAHGMU Holds the New Year Informal Meeting for the Doctors with Doc..2015-02-25
 · TAHGMU Holds the School Song Chorus Contest and Commendation Confer..2015-02-14
 · FAHGMU Holds the Informal Meeting for Assistant Nurses2015-02-14
 · FAHGMU Holds the Training Class for Pressure Ulcers Standard Manage..2015-02-14
 · Department of Nursing of FAHGMU Holds the First NSMCM& Head Nurse M..2015-01-09
 · TAHGMU Holds the Rehabilitation Medicine and Rehabilitation Hospita..2015-01-09
 · FAHGMU Holds Debriefing Report for Head Nurses in 20142015-01-09
 · SIE Holds the Christmas & New Year Party for Overseas Students2014-12-30
 · The 3rd Original Micro Film Final of SBMC Approaches to the End2014-12-24
 · SP Holds the School Song Chorus Competition2014-12-16
 · SBMC Holds the First Science Festival for Medical Students2014-12-09
 · The 3rd Top Campus Singers Final is Held in the Basketball Court of..2014-12-09
 · School of Nursing Holds the Fun Games2014-12-08
 · SBMS Carries out a Series of Activities in 29th International Volun..2014-12-05