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 · SIE Holds the Second Electrics Production Contest2014-12-04
 · SIE Holds the Etiquette Lecture for Nursing Majors’ Job Applicants2014-11-24
 · SIE Holds the First Debate Competition for the Overseas Students2014-11-24
 · Graduates from SP Return to GMU for Exchange2014-11-13
 · SFCMS Volunteers Carry out Community Charity Clinics2014-11-13
 · SIE Holds the Speech Contest under the Theme of “Water”2014-11-06
 · The SFCMS Holds the Speech Contest2014-10-09
 · GMU Students Do Tomb-sweeping for Mausoleums of Revolutionary Marty..2014-09-30
 · SN Holds the Teach-in for the Recruitment of Nursing Majors Graduat..2014-09-30
 · SN Holds the Speech Contest “New Start • Great Life”2014-09-26
 · The SFCMS Holds the Lecture “Security Education for the Female Col..2014-09-26
 · The “Yingxin Cup” Basketball Contest in the SFCMS Approaches to t..2014-09-23
 · SP Has the Celebration of the National Day2014-09-22
 · Entrance Education for the Batch 2014 Graduates Ended with a Comple..2014-09-22
 · SIE Extends the Regards to the Foreign Teachers in Teachers’ Day2014-09-11
 · SIE Holds the Meeting between Freshmen and Sophomores2014-09-10
 · SHSS Holds the Conference for the Batch 2014 Students2014-09-10
 · Faculty and Students of SBMS Have the Celebration of Mid-autumn Fes..2014-09-09
 · Teachers and Students of SIE Joyfully Have the Celebration of Mid-a..2014-09-09
 · SN Holds the Opening Ceremony for the Freshman Cultural & Arts Fest..2014-09-09