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 · SAHGMU Holds the Speech Contest2014-09-05
 · SR Hold a Lecture for Freshmen2014-09-01
 · SIE Offers Various Service for the Freshmen2014-09-01
 · SR Holds the Freshman Education Lectures2014-09-01
 · SHSS Holds the Dormitory Fire Drill 2014-06-17
 · SN Holds the Fun Games2014-06-17
 · GMU Gerontology Society Holds the Health Lecture2014-06-11
 · SIE Holds the 4th Medical Device Simulation Sales Contes2014-06-06
 · The Lecture “Life & Death” is Held in Huangjin Campus2014-06-06
 · Division of Security Holds the Training for Volunteer Firefighters 2014-06-04
 · SP Holds the Seminar for Pharmacy Majors Development2014-06-03
 · SIE Holds the Conference for Internship Mobilization & Dragon Boat ..2014-05-29
 · SP Holds the Experiment Skill Contest2014-05-28
 · The 2nd Experiment Skill Contest of SBMS Approaches to the end2014-05-27
 · The SFCMS Holds the Revolutionary Song Contest2014-05-26
 · FAHGMU Holds the Informal Meeting for Culture Development2014-05-21
 · Young Teachers Teaching Contest of SFCMS in 2014 Approaches to the ..2014-05-19
 · SBMS Holds the 3rd Environmental Protection Fashion Show2014-05-15
 · Department of FAHGMU Carry out Voluntary Community Service2014-05-13
 · SN Carries out Blood Donation Activity2014-05-12