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 · FAHGMU Carries out the Training for the Prevention and Treatment of..2014-04-18
 · Youth Teacher Teaching Contest of SHSS Approaches to the End2014-04-18
 · SIE Holds theInternship Exchange Conference2014-04-18
 · SIE Holds the Internship Feedback Conference for Medical Imaging Ma..2014-04-18
 · SHSS Puts an End to the Line Dance Contest2014-04-16
 · SP Holds the Internship Exchange Meeting2014-04-16
 · SHSS Holds the Fun Games in 20142014-04-15
 · The SFCMS Holds the Lecture on Love Psychology2014-04-11
 · The 2nd Anatomy Contest of SBMS Approached the End2014-04-09
 · SHSS Holds the Student Representative Conference2014-03-19
 · Library Holds the Database Lecture2014-03-19
 · Nephrology Department of FAHGMU Holds the Lecture2014-03-17
 · FAHGMU Actively Carried out Publicity for World Tuberculosis Day2014-03-17
 · The FSBMS Holds the Special Topic Lectures2014-03-07
 · TAHGMU Implements the Hierarchy Management of Nursing Positions2014-03-06
 · FAHGMU Holds the Opening Ceremony of the 1st Batch Nursing Non-degr..2014-03-04
 · The DNFAHGMU Holds the Pre-employment Training for the 1st Batch In..2014-03-04
 · The 1st School of the Clinical Medical Sciences Carries out Communi..2014-03-03
 · The First Newborn Resuscitation Skill Contest of FAHGMU Ended as a ..2014-01-09
 · GMU Propaganda Department Commended the Broadcast Advanced Individu..2014-01-06