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 · Doctor Li Jian Reveals the Significant Progress of Shikonin in the ..2020-06-29
 · SBMS Holds the Lecture “The Most Beautiful Heroes for the Fight ag..2020-06-22
 · SBMS “Small Medicine Box” Carries Out Charity Clinics 2020-06-16
 · Students of SBMS Go to Pingxiang Teaching Site for Learning 2020-06-13
 · Teachers from the Department of Psychology Attend the Education Art..2020-06-05
 · SHSS Celebrates the Online Children’s Day for the Staffs’ Families2020-06-03
 · The Staff of SBMS Offer Service for the Students’ Returning 2020-05-25
 · The Pingxiang Campus Smoothly Conducts the Returning Work 2020-05-19
 · SR Holds the Teaching Skills Competition for Young Teachers2020-05-19
 · SP Holds the Teaching Skills Competition for Young Teachers in 20202020-05-19
 · SP Holds the Head Teachers’ Meeting2020-05-18
 · "The Collection and Treatment of Human Urine Samples" For..2020-05-13
 · Leaders of FAHGMU Pay a Visit to the Frontline Nursing Staff2020-05-13
 · SAHGMU Commends “the most Beautiful Nurses" in 20202020-05-12
 · Logistics Group Actively Carries out the "National Health Day&..2020-04-24
 · SN Holds the Competition of Basic Teaching Skills for Young Teachers2020-04-24
 · GMU Holds the Online Reading on the “World Reading Day” 2020-04-23
 · SBMS Carries out the "National Security Education Day" Ac..2020-04-17
 · SHSS Launches the National Security Education and Publicity Activit..2020-04-15
 · SAHGMU Continues to Promote Health Poverty Alleviation2020-04-02