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 · The FAHGMU Undertook the Ganzhou Clinical Skills Contest2013-09-27
 · The Department of Nursing Hosted the Training Class on Responsibili..2013-09-27
 · The Department of Nursing of the FAHGMU Held the “Excellent Nursin..2013-09-27
 · GMU Psychology Consultation Centre Held the Lecture on “The Organi..2013-09-25
 · School of Nursing Held Batch 2013 Students Speech Contest2013-09-25
 · School of Pharmacology Held an Informal Meeting of Seniors2013-09-24
 · A Lecture on Freshmen Career Planning was Held by International Edu..2013-09-18
 · IEC Held the Informal Conference of Batch 2012 Students Leaders of ..2013-09-09