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 · Young Volunteers of SBMS Go to the Tandong Geracomium for Volunteer..2019-04-16
 · SHSS Holds the English Teaching Competition for Young Teachers 2019-04-12
 · SR Holds the Employment Training for Graduates in 20192019-04-12
 · GMU Holds the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Salon2019-03-21
 · FAHGMU Carries Out the “World Kidney Day” Charity Clinics2019-03-18
 · School of Nursing Celebrates the 3•7 Girls' Day2019-03-08
 · SBMS Volunteers Carry Out Activities at the Xiyanghong Senior Apart..2019-03-03
 · The Internal Medicine Department of the TAHGMU Enthusiastically Tre..2019-03-01
 · The Second Clinical Pharmacist Salon of Ganzhou is Held in the FAHG..2019-02-28
 · FAHGMU Successfully Removes a Rare Large Intrathoracic Tumor for a ..2019-02-27
 · SIE Holds a Meeting to Arrange the Work of the New Semester2019-02-22
 · The General Surgery of Zhanggong Branch of the FAHGMU is Founded2019-02-15
 · The TAHGMU Carries Out Simulated Exercise of Blood Transfusion Oper..2019-01-16
 · The Inaugural Meeting of Ganzhou Skin Disease Quality Control Cente..2019-01-08
 · The GMU Library Holds a Lantern Riddle Culture and Art Festival on ..2018-12-29
 · The 6th Host Competition of SHSS Approaches to the End2018-12-29
 · The Art Show of the 4th Medical Humanity Festival of SBMS Approache..2018-12-17
 · School of Pharmacy Holds the "Shizhen Cup" Exhibition2018-12-11
 · The SBMS Carries Out “International Volunteer Day” Activities2018-12-06
 · FAHGMU is Selected as one Member of "Pan-Pearl River Delta Reg..2018-12-04