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 · Liu Folin and Liao Yunfeng Attend the Annual Meeting of Internation..2018-10-25
 · Zhang Guoxi and Wang Xiaoning Attend the 36th WACE in France2018-10-25
 · Xu Hui Attends the 6th Russian Urinary Surgery and New Technology 2018-10-25
 · The FAHGMU Holds the 2018 Football Tournament to Welcome the New Ar..2018-10-17
 · Volunteers of the School of Basic Medicine Sciences Go to Kangheyua..2018-10-15
 · The FAHGMU Signs the Medical Treatment Combination with the SAHGMU ..2018-10-01
 · The Second Campus "Top Ten Journalists" Competition Ends2018-06-12
 · FAHGMU Holds the Mobilization Meeting for National Health City2018-06-09
 · The Third "Campus Cup" Football Match of GMU Ends2018-06-04
 · Chen Xin is Awarded the Third Prize in National Pain Department Eli..2018-05-30
 · GMU’s Labor Union Holds the "Children’s Day" Parent-chi..2018-05-29
 · The First Mental Health Ambassador Competition of GMU Ends2018-05-28
 · Medical Personnel in the TAHGMU Participate in the 2018 "Natio..2018-05-14
 · The Dormitory Design Competition of School of Basic Medicine Scienc..2018-05-11
 · The Sixth Host Competition of GMU Ends2018-05-08
 · School of Nursing Holds a Recitation Contest for its 10th Anniversa..2018-05-07
 · The Foreign Languages Department of SHSS Holds the English Teaching..2018-04-28
 · The 6th Book Culture Festival Launching Ceremony and the "Read..2018-04-13
 · School of Pharmacy Class Meeting under the Theme “Loving Family” ..2018-04-13
 · School of the First Clinical Medicine Holds the "Medicine and ..2018-04-12