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 · The SBMS Volunteers Carry Out Voluntary Service for the Retirees2018-01-24
 · SBMS Takes Measures to Guarantee the Style of the Final Examination2018-01-18
 · Young Lawyer Wen Chao from Hakka People Law Firm Delivers a Lecture..2018-01-18
 · Director Chen Jian of Xinfeng Health and Family Planning Commission..2018-01-06
 · The FAHGMU Carries Out the First Case of Complete Laparoscopic Panc..2018-01-06
 · Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery of the FAHGMU Successfully Rep..2018-01-06
 · SBMS Volunteers Signs the Fixed-point Voluntary Service Agreement2018-01-02
 · The Library of GMU Holds the 2017 Informal Meeting of the Readers2017-12-29
 · SBMS Carries Out the Tug-of-war Competition of the Freshmen Classes2017-12-29
 · The First Operation is Performed in Huangjin Area of the Urology Su..2017-12-29
 · SAHGMU Carries Out Charity Clinics for Mother’s Day2017-05-17
 · The TAHGMU Holds the “5.1” , “5.4” & “5.12” Speech Contest & ..2017-05-17
 · Volunteers of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences Go to th..2017-05-08
 · Inner Mongolia Medical College Delegation Visits GMU2017-04-21
 · GMU Holds the “4.23” World Reading Day Evening Party2017-04-21
 · FAHGMU Experts Offer Charity Clinics in Xunwu TCMH2017-04-13
 · The FAHGMU Carries Out a Series of DM Treatment Training2017-03-31
 · Volunteers of School of Basic Medicine Sciences Go to Changhong Sen..2017-03-28
 · GMU Delivers a “World TB Day”Lecture2017-03-27
 · The GMU Library Holds "The Readers" Broadcasts Sharing Me..2017-03-27