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 · A Book-donation Activity is Carried out in Huangjin Campus2016-11-16
 · SHSS Volunteers Celebrate the Birthday with the Children in Kanghey..2016-11-15
 · The Dormitory Fun Sports Meeting of GMU Approaches to the End2016-11-14
 · SHSS Holds the 2015 Hakka Grants Ceremony 2016-11-14
 · Pakistani Students Hold a Traditional Culture Lecture   2016-11-08
 · The 5th “Yi Xin Yi Yi” Original Micro Film Contest Semi-final App..2016-11-08
 · Safety Knowledge Contest of College Students is Held in GMU2016-11-07
 · The MBGMCSP Carries Out the “Preparation of the Leaf-skeleton Spec..2016-11-03
 · The School of Basic Medicine Sciences Holds a Speech Contest2016-11-03
 · The 2nd SCROGAAAM & the TSTCC was held in FAHGMU2016-11-01
 · Volunteers of the School of Basic Medicine Sciences Go to Kangheyua..2016-11-01
 · School of Humanities & Social Sciences Volunteers Participate in th..2016-10-31
 · SN “Freshman Cup” Speech Preliminary Ends with a Complete Success 2016-10-25
 · The 2nd “Fly heart” Preliminary Ends with a Complete Success2016-10-25
 · SHSS Speech Competition Ends with a Complete Success2016-10-20
 · SHSS Holds the Opening Ceremony of the 3rd Eco Design Contest2016-10-17
 · The 11th SBMS Students’ Union is Founded2016-10-13
 · SBMS School Song Chorus Competition Approaches to the End2016-09-26
 · Doctor Fang Biji Delivers a Psychology Health Lecture for Batch 201..2016-09-08
 · Fire Safety Education for Batch 2016 Students is Held in Huangjin C..2016-09-05